HEADSHOTS and portraits


What's Included

- A 2 hour, unlimited look session. You can usually accomplish 4-6 looks in that amount of time. 

- You receive your entire session within a week of our shoot. All of the files are yours to keep.

- Each session comes with three edited images. Any additional edit is $20/edit.

*Rates may change for on-location portrait shoots, just give me a heads up on the booking page!



Can I bring my own Hair and Makeup artist?

Yes of course! I have an excellent recommendation below, but bring whoever you'd like! Please arrive with your hair ready for your first look. 

What do your "edits" entail?

I'm pretty minimal with the touching up. You need to look like yourself in the audition room. I remove blemishes, flyaways, acne...etc, and do some minor color retouching, but that's about it! You are beautiful the way you are!

I'm not sure what to wear, what do you recommend?

For headshots, just think about the type of roles you go out for, or want to go out for! I usually avoid a lot of plain white and crazy patterns (unless you're doing a zany look). Layers are great! When in doubt, bring options!

What form of payment do you take?

I accept cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle. 

Can I shave in between looks?

Yes you can. Keep in mind the time, but my bathroom is your bathroom. 

Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

For comfort, absolutely! Just let me know in the booking section so I know what to expect.


Hair and Makeup

I work with a wonderful artist named Kasia. Her rates are as follows:


Men's HMU - $100

Women's HMU - $200

Please note in your booking submission if you would like HMU and I will refer to you to her!

You're welcome to email her with any questions you may have.